Dail Behennah – Structure & Surface

Dail Behennah (15th October 2014)

Fracture 2014     white willow, brass rods; constructed  h 28 x w38 x d38

My career to date has focused on structure. I began as a basketmaker, concerned with building self- supporting three dimensional forms using basketry and textile techniques. Sculptural forms comprising layered willow grids became my trademark. These allowed light to flow over and through the grids, changing as the viewer moved around the object. Shadows were an important and integral part of the work and the changing light throughout the day animated the pieces.

I now wish to continue my exploration of structure and the ways in which light hits a surface and changes the viewer’s perception of an object.

spreading 300 dpi at A4.jpgSpreading From the West & White Column 2014      paper, graphite. plaited

My most recent work has been made in paper, using a traditional basketry technique which appears new because the paper has been pleated before being plaited. The resulting surface is faceted and shadows are thus cast within the structure. Variations in pleating, width of strips and surface treatment of the paper all contribute to an interesting textured and sculpted surface. Thus my work is moving from an emphasis on structure, the willow grids, to an emphasis on surface. After 25 years of making I am confident in my aesthetic choices and excited by exploration of a new technique and materials.

For this exhibition I wish to investigate how the structure of a surface affects both the absorption and reflection of light, and I wish to make the light an integral part of the work.

I am excited by the prospect of in-depth conversations with Jessica and I hope that new ideas will find expression in the works I make for the exhibition.

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