Jessica Turrell – Chance and control/ Control and chance

Jessica Turrell 'City' Brooch 1 copyCity no. 2  2016      vitreous enamel on silver, oxidized silver

I trained as a jeweller and my practice focuses mostly (but not exclusively) on wearable objects. My work often involves the use of vitreous enamel on etched metal to create surfaces produced through repetitive mark-making processes. I am interested in my own response to this repetition, and in the subtle variations that come with the micro-decisions I make as I work. The miniaturized format of the jewellery form allows me to explore my ideas on an intimate scale and I enjoy making jewellery that rewards close attention with an intricate and detailed surface. I have deliberately rejected enamel’s more conventional characteristics of shine and colour in favour of a more nuanced and ambiguous surface, and I have developed unique ways of working that give the jewellery a particular tactile delicacy that encourages touch. 

My most recent work explores the relationships between pairs and groups of separate pieces, considering how they intersect and come together to define edges, margins, and negative space.

I have become increasingly interested in where my work sits on the continuum between chance and control and my own response to this sweet spot within the production of the mark-making that forms my surfaces. My hope is that the project will allow me to explore this in depth, as a way of challenging myself to take more risks and be more playful within my making but also in order to think more deeply about what I do and why I do it.

Jessica Turrell field arrangement jpg copy

Field Arrangement 2014  

13 brooches, vitreous enamel on etched copper, oxidized silver

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