Our mentoring session with Matthew Harris



‘Art is a life of small moves’ – Morton Feldman (written on Matthew’s studio wall)


In January Dail and I were lucky enough to have a mentoring session with the wonderful and insightful textile artist Matthew Harris in his studio near Stroud. I’ve worked with Matthew before and thought he would be a great person to provide us with an outsider’s view on the work we’ve done to date. Our wide-ranging discussion was so engrossing that I only took a few brief notes, mostly in the form of a series of short statements and key words:

Resolved / unresolved

Paths not taken

Explicit / implicit

Feeling one’s way towards something

Ordering thinking – making pathways

Expanding and contracting

Order / chaos



Applied pieces and negative spaces

Points of intersection and divergence

Points of dialogue

Layers of surface become structure

Expansive tasks – contracted methods


Tidy / Sloppy

It’s about finding out:  Experimenting > Observing > Responding  …….. repeat

Finished / unfinished

Challenge preconceptions


At the end of the session Matthew suggested a couple of exercises for us to do over the following weeks – more details of these in our next blog post.

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