About the project

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Dialogue – From the Greek dialogos meaning  conversation; its roots are dia: through and logos: speech or reason.
We are two makers with well-established careers and international reputations . Dail is known as a contemporary basketmaker and I am a jeweller and enameller. We both find these pigeonholes increasingly limiting and feel that they no longer describe the range of our work or our ambition.


We have been friends for a long time, our studios are on the same corridor at Centrespace in Bristol and over the years we have had numerous conversations about our work. Over time we have developed the idea of working on a project together. Initially we explored the idea of each creating a body of work on a common theme but the more we considered this the more it became apparent that the aspect we both most valued was the dialogue itself. Our initial conversations have revealed aspects of our practice that we either took for granted or that we had not been able to articulate before.

Our intention for this project is to collaborate on the production of an exhibition that will take place at Craft in the Bay in Cardiff in September 2018. We will separately explore themes that are relevant to our personal trajectories (more of this in a later post). Trust is an important aspect of a project such as this as we need to be able to challenge and support each other in the sometimes difficult  process of thinking and talking about our work, and of pushing ourselves to do something new.

We also aim to set aside days to play together and engage in mentoring sessions with other artists as a way of getting to the core of why we make, what we make and how we make.

This blog is a place for us to report on the progress of the project. A commitment to write regular blog posts will give a little more formality and structure to the project, and will provide another aspect of the dialogue.